air curtains

Air curtains work by separating two different temperature zones with an invisible curtain of air. They provide a fast moving air stream to block air movement through the door whilst allowing the door to remain open.
Comfort levels for staff, customers and visitors close to the doorway are increased by air curtains reducing draughts.
Insects, pollens and other airborne pollutants can be minimised with air curtains as they block much of these from entering the building.
Placing an air curtain above or to the side of the entrance covering the full door width maximises performance by stopping heated air escaping in winter, or cooled air escaping in summertime.
Where extractor units are used within the building, ventilation should also be provided to equalise pressure differences for maximum air curtain effectiveness.

Air curtains are a guarantee of economy and comfort. Easy remote control, adjustable airflow and an attractive, modern design make the devices a perfect fit in the interior design. The air curtains will discreetly and effectively improve the comfort of customers at the point of sale, while taking care to save energy and eliminate heat loss in the room.

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